Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Creative Advertising for Clients 101

So finally, self-publication of ramblings. Perfect. Where to start?
Maybe with my new workshop: Creative Advertising for Marketers. Think I may change to Creative Literacy. Came out of a commission from a client, and resulted in a "how agencies work, the personalities involved, how agencies (try) make money, client briefs, what happens to the client brief in the agency, creative process and implementation, what makes great creative and why should anyone care, how to evaluate creative and how to build the perfect agency/client relationship that inspires great work" workshop. It went down brilliantly. One client said she's been writing briefs for 8 years and understood for the first time how to do it. Another said she thinks they've been complacent with their agency and been giving them bad briefs through laziness. All good stuff. So now on a mission to get more clients to do the workshop. Onwards, Mission Better Advertising All Round.

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