Monday, August 23, 2010

trying too hard?

Loved this article regarding the Cell C new logo design debate...

From Bizcommunity:
"Most noticeable in the new logo is the replacement of the old red dotted "C" with a new black and white symbol depicting a "C" within a solid black circle - a replica of the legally required copyright symbol.
However, company CEO Lars Reichelt says the new logo reflects Cell C's vision of understanding its customers and tailoring solutions around them. The white space between the black "C" and solid circle is symbolic of the customer. "There is no significance in the Cell C Logo resembling the copyright symbol. Primarily, the "C" in the centre represents Cell C putting the customer at the centre of everything it does. The logo is not designed to look like the copyright symbol," states Simon Camerer, marketing executive at Cell C."

erm, but it does.
and if Cell C honestly thinks that any consumer is going to a) GET that bit about the white space and the black bit being the consumer and all that Cell C can flog them; and b) give a continental, then they are starting to believe their own PR.

If you have to explain creative, it generally means it's not working......

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Marketing questions answered for the Small business

I like this.
A nice little "thought piece" for agencies to give to their small/start-up clients - remuneration options, how to measure ROI, social media, etc, from AdAge. Also great for agencies to understand the issues that clients have when dealing with agencies, and this applies to big clients too.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

AdCracker - why I like it

in my line of work, the same problems come up all the time.
1. Terrible briefs. From Client. Exacerbated by terrible briefs written by Client Service.
2. Work off brief (um, go figure).
3. Creative takes too long (see above comment).
4. Too expensive (yes, there it is again).
5. Poor relationship (well it would be wouldn't it?)

So I love AdCracker because it shows anyone (client or agency) how to write a good brief, what a positioning is, what should be in a strategy, some clever insight into consumer behaviour.

But best of all, it attempts, through CD Steve MacNamara's personal and light hearted writing, to teach people the difference between a good ad and a mediocre one. He showcases great ads, and tells you why they work.

Every agency, and every marketing department should have one, and make it compulsory viewing.

In my humble opinion.

AdCracker Multimedia CD-ROM