Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Advertising that makes you cry, or sigh...

My partner, Graham Pfuhl, is putting a presentation together on "emotions in advertising". He wants a "corker" at the end, and asked me what were my most memorable emotional TV ads. 

These were the ones that came to mind. Which ones can you remember that made you cry, sigh, think?
  • Topsy Foundation; a poignant, gentle and beautiful story of hope in an HIV/AIDS ravaged society, filled with stigma.

  • This spot, with a dramatic and chilling ending, Called "Alzheimers":
  •  This one, one of my all time greats, for VW:

    And there were others: Pfizer Graffiti; Expedia Cancer Survivor; P&G's Mom ad for the Olympics, the beautiful John Lewis Christmas 2011 ad. 

    Music obviously plays a vital role, but the genius is the ability to make a whole movie in under a minute. Start, middle and end, with a tug on the heart strings and a strong and compelling brand message. Tall order.

    And double genius to use it to break though in a cluttered anvironment, for a usually non-emotional product category (unlike child abuse) - e.g. P&G, John Lewis and even KFC's  Memories.

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