Monday, January 17, 2011

conflicted interest?

I came across this article and it highlighted an interesting phenomena: that of the pitch consultant, who is also the agency advisor. hmm. So interesting to fall into this trap-ette.


I have managed to avoid running pitches, not because I can't, but because I think it places me in a weird space of possible conflict. Of course I'm as honest as the day is long, but maybe, just maybe, I might believe Agency A is better than Agencies B,C and D because I know them better because I've worked with them. Who knows?

But maybe I land up actually helping the client make the right choice? So it actually benefits all parties?

Either way, it's a beige area - don't want to be seen favouring an agency of any other name :)

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  1. "Double dipping" as in charging the agency to get into the library of agencies from which a short list is drawn (i.e. agencies who don't "register" wouldn't be considered at all) is clearly a practice strewn with potential for unethical behaviour. But we've never seen the need for that. A proper pitch consultant will keep their ears to the ground continuously, and draw up a short list based on first hand experience and observation. And will earn a fee from the client (the brand owner) that is sufficient reward for the effort put in without having to extract fees from the agencies as well. Done this way, there's no need to be concerned about conflicts of interest.